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Master Systems Integration

The role of the Master Systems Integrator (MSI) is critical to the design and delivery of truly intelligent buildings. As MSI, we ensure collaboration and integration of every element of a building’s digital infrastructure in order to meet the expectations of client and occupier.

At L&P, we are uniquely placed to provide a holistic perspective on the digital footprint of development. As demands for sustainable design increase, not least commitments to carbon reduction (or Net Zero Carbon) and increased flexibility and future-proofing – our insight becomes critical.

How do we do it? Here’s an example.

At St Giles Circus, we’re performing the role of MSI to one of the most talked about, media centric projects in the world. A multi-building development in the heart of London, centred around the world famous ‘Tin Pan Alley’ – it was home to multiple music publishers, shops and recording studios.

The Rolling Stones recorded at Regent Sound Studio at No. 4 and popular musicians, including David Bowie and the Small Faces, often socialised in the Gioconda café at No. 9. Elton John and Bernie Taupin wrote songs at offices on the street in the 1960s, while the Sex Pistols lived above No. 6, and recorded their first demos there.

This mixed use scheme is exceptionally complex and comprises a four-storey basement which bridges the Crossrail line and interacts with the Northern Line infrastructure, as well as new buildings and refurbishment and re-building of existing Grade I and Grade II Listed structures with a retained façade on St Giles High Street.

Hidden within are a mix of office and retail space, restaurant, members’ club, residential apartments, a hotel, 2,000 and 750 capacity music and entertainment spaces, plus an immersive media space with screens three times the size of those at Piccadilly.

Until our appointment in 2019, all these elements were being managed separately.

As MSI, we brought together disparate building contractors and sub-contractors to create a coordinated approach; ensure disparate ICT systems could communicate with each other to deliver a seamless guest/visitor experience. Any new tenants needed onboarding to ensure individual requirements were met without compromise to existing systems from the base build.

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