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BIU Specialist Services

In addition to the full BIU certification, we also offer specialist services to produce reports and documents required for compliance with certain BIU issues as follows: 

Man 01 – Building User Guide (BIU) 

In BREEAM-In-Use, MAN 01 aims to recognise and encourage the provision of appropriate guidance for non-technical building users which enables them to access, understand and operate the building efficiently, and in a manner in keeping with the original design intent or revised strategy. Provided all the relevant operational and technical information is available from the O&M’s and the management team, our team can compile it all together in a compliant document that allows building users to better understand the functionality of the building and how to operate it effectively. 

Compliance with MAN 01 helps to improve occupant comfort and to meet end-user requirements, consequently increasing occupant satisfaction and productivity. 

Man 02/Hea 14/Hea 16 – Occupant Satisfaction Surveys (BIU) 

Some of the criteria applicable to the BREEAM-In-Use issues of Man 02, Hea 14 and Hea 16 requires that Occupant Satisfaction Surveys are carried out periodically to assess the ocupants’ satisfaction levels related to management policies, thermal comfort, and indoor air quality. Our team can carry out these surveys ensuring a higher scoring is achieved. 

Compliance with these criteria helps to improve relationship between occupants and management, consequently increasing occupant satisfaction and productivity.  

Hea 14 – Thermal Comfort Analysis (BIU) 

In BREEAM-In-Use, HEA 14 aims to ensure that asset users are thermally comfortable in occupied spaces. Our specialists’ team can perform detailed thermal comfort measurement and analysis which in combination with the occupants satisfaction survey ensures the maximum scoring is achieved for this issue. 

Compliance with Hea 14 helps to identify and rectify any thermal comfort problems, leading to increased occupant satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity.  

Ene 22 – Energy Audit (BIU) 

In BREEAM-In-Use, Ene 22 aims to identify and implement cost-effective opportunities for energy savings. Our specialists’ team can perform an energy audit of the asset, benchmarking the asset’s energy performance and identifying investment opportunities to reduce the energy usage of the asset and in return achieving savings in the long term.