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Life Safety Systems and Uninterruptible Power Supplies

A working knowledge of BS:9999 Fire Safety Standards for Commercial Buildings , BS9991 Fire Safety Standards for Residential Buildings, BS:9259 Fire Sprinkler Standards, BS 8519 Life Safety Power Supplies’, BS:5839 Fire Detection and Alarm , BS:5266 Emergency Lighting Standards. Careful selection and construction within the Loss Prevention Council Approved Inspectorate. Way Finding and Voice Evacuation Systems.

Design Selection of plant capacity with particular emphasis on system step load. Load Management. Diesel Generation. Acoustic enclosures and noise abatement. Aspiration and cooling air. Fuel Storage and delivery design. G99 Control. PLC Load Management Control.

Static and Rotary UPS Selection. System By Pass and Remote Monitoring. Castel Key Interlocking. Battery Monitoring.