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Fire Alarm Design

A working knowledge of BS:9999 Fire Safety Standards for Commercial Buildings , BS9991 Fire Safety Standards for Residential Buildings, BS:9259 Fire Sprinkler Standards, BS 8519 Life Safety Power Supplies’, BS:5839 Fire Detection and Alarm , BS:5266 Emergency Lighting Standards. Careful selection and construction within the Loss Prevention Council Approved Inspectorate. Way Finding and Voice Evacuation Systems.

We provide informed Fire Alarm design based upon an agreed Fire Strategy for the development as provided by others. As part of our design we produce schematics to diagrammatically display the system, as well as floor plan layouts to display device locations in line with regulations for the specific building.

We also aid co-ordination between the Fire Alarm Services mounted on the ceiling with other ceiling fixtures such as lighting, mechanical grilles etc. This is to enable the best co-ordination with ceiling services from an architectural point of view whilst also ensuring that the regulations are met with at all times.

Our Fire Alarm design at RIBA Stage 4 is developed further as part of a CDP package by the sub contractor.