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Training for the Cycle to MIPIM: Peter's Blog 03

With just one week to go before the grand depart in London, training has been going well.

However, the recent weather has not been conducive to cycling on roads. The icy roads have been replaced with wet ones as when I decide to cycle on the road the weather gods decide to instigate a downpour. I have got wet, in-fact, very wet and it’s been a while since I last cycled without getting wet!

There have been a few unplanned detours recently due to roads being closed to flooding. If its raining I would normally opt for the Watt bike, however, I will not have that option when cycling to MIPIM, so regardless of the weather (unless its a force ten gale), I have still been getting out on the roads when I can.

Two further weekends of road cycling are planned before final preparations leading to Day 1 of the ride on the 7th March 2024.

For those who would like to support Peter, you can find his fundraising page here!

To donate, please visit here: https://bit.ly/41OR19u