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Reflections on my first year at L&P Technology: Embracing Growth and Innovation

Reflecting on my journey since joining the technology team 1 year ago has been an exciting ride, marked by continuous learning and growth. From immersing myself in the intricacies of the RIBA work stages to honing my CAD skills and embracing the challenging BIM software.

During this time, I’ve had the privilege to contribute to a diverse range of projects, spanning from residential to commercial ventures and more, while actively participating in the design of CNS and IT/AV systems. This hands-on experience has deepened my insight into the intricate workings of smart buildings’ technology systems.

Moreover, my site-based engagements have provided me with invaluable firsthand insights into the systems which make a building functional and the vital integration between the technology and MEP systems needed. Effective communication and collaboration among engineers at every stage are paramount for ensuring seamless functionality.

Looking ahead, I’m incredibly excited about what the future holds for L&P Technology. I look forward to further honing my skills and providing the best service to our clients.

Elliot Mason-Millmore, Apprentice Engineer