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Pioneering Smart Building Excellence from Concept to Reality

Over the past four years L&P Group have been successfully designing, implementing and delivering both Smart Enabled and Smart Buildings from RIBA Stage 2 through to Stage 7 including the provision of industry standard certifications such as Wired Score Platinum, New Construction BREEAM 2018, NABERS and WELL.

We believe that one of the main reasons for our success and the demand for our services is our experience, knowledge, and ability to simplify technology into terms which lay people can understand. We are technology translators.

Our portfolio of smart building projects include the JJ Mack Building, voted Project Design of the Year at the London Construction Awards 2023, Folgate Building and Outernet to name just three completed projects with a further eight smart building projects under construction.

We have worked on both single and multi-site projects where the need for consolidated data sets is required with data collected from multiple sites. Working with cloud-based data lakes (Google, Azure, Amazon etc.), analytics platforms and ultimately the required SPoG (dashboard/widgets etc.)  we can manage the process and coordinate the 3rd party contractor systems providing this data to the client with an overall view of the building including standard and bespoke elements in a data friendly format.

With the continued rise of IoT devices such as sensors for measuring a raft of elements from leaks, heat, humidity, air quality, temperature, and people, we are continually learning on how these systems integrate into the bigger picture – Your Building.

Further smart building technology also supplies data on building performance, helping to evaluate and address operational energy usage, and mitigate safety risks.

As part of the smart delivery process L&P have also been providing the key MSI consultancy role needed to ensure that all the sub trades providing the technology required are coordinated and managed to deliver the designed integrated building management systems that match both the clients’ aspirations and employers requirements.

We oversee and manage the process from cradle to grave, acting as a conduit for all stakeholders.

Providing the technical expertise necessary when dealing with a multitude of third-party systems and the complexities of smart integration. We engage with all parties both client and contractor side to remove the technical divide that often exists.

Our projects have been both Cat A and Cat A/B which necessitates us managing Day 2 systems such as Smart Building Mobile Platforms and their integration. As smart enabled buildings it is easy for these Day 2 systems to integrate with Day 1 systems as all the required hooks are in place at Practical Completion.

Further we simplify the process to ensure that all parties are aware of both their technical and contractual obligations.

Managing the project from design stage to Practical Completion enables us to become the sole point of technical contact for all parties and ensures that all stakeholders, whether contractor or client, are appraised of progress against the programme and of course any issues they may arise that we as the MSI must address.

Much is made of the complexity and issues surrounding smart buildings, but in reality

SMART buildings are simply an amalgamation of structures, systems, and technology. The components that make up the technology are constantly evolving allowing building owners the opportunity to cherry pick new advances surrounding air conditioning, ventilation, heating, lighting, security, access, and telecommunication.

The selection is of course impacted by the effect of the external pressures of net zero carbon and the green agenda, and not just to provide a safe and comfortable working environment. The aim today is to minimise the cost of energy and to mitigate environmental impact by seamlessly integrating resources and services.

In an industry with these demands, and shrouded with acronyms and different levels of SMART, the client depends and relies on us to be the focal point for the project and the party responsible for translating the jargon for them and delivering their aspirations.