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Training for the Cycle to MIPIM: Peter's Blog 02

After a week of sub-zero temperatures and icy roads it was a relief to leave the indoor trainer behind and head out on the road.Indoor trainers are a great alternative when the weather or time pressures prevent an outdoor ride, but with the temperature on Saturday hitting the balmy heights of three degrees Celsius I didn’t hesitate in getting the thermals on and heading out.With ice free roads, it was just the usual hazards most cyclists are used to these days….pot holes and the occasional crazy car driver, speeding past far too close in their metal box.Following Thursday evening’s MIPIM “if only I had known” session warmly and professionally hosted by Club Peloton and the team from Wedlake Bell, it became apparent to me that I needed to increase the distances of my Saturday rides sooner, rather than later.So, with this increased sense of urgency, a steady 95km cycle through rural Northamptonshire was successfully accomplished.

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