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Social Value
& Impact

Social impact and environmental impact are interconnected. One without the other leaves a strategy incomplete. So much so that for L&P Group, impact is woven into every facet of our business – helping us identify and reduce the intended and unintended negative impact of our work; empowering us to seek out ways to maximise our positive impact – on people, place and planet.

Our social value journey

Creating social value isn’t a one time intervention, it’s a journey and a commitment to the future.

So at L&P we’re starting small – building the foundations for a solid social value strategy from the ground up. We’re dedicating time to developing our thinking, empowering our staff to explore opportunities to engage and making people accountable for our goals.

This approach is supported organisation-wide – from top to bottom and backed by good governance.

What happens

We’re creating an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for social value – supporting the development of new strategies, and building on past success.

We’ll be devising our own, tangible impact metrics, to ensure the work of our ERG team aligns with the goals of our business.

We’re focusing on communities – particularly locally to our offices – so that our contributions can be meaningful and connected. We run for fun, fish for plastic and climb buildings for charity too – when we can!

We’re also looking after ourselves – by shining a spotlight on mental health in the workplace.

Keeping the lights on

As a team of engineers, technology specialists, commissioning and asset management consultants, we’re uniquely placed to understand how buildings work.

We understand the complex sequence of steps necessary for the creation of sustainable places. And we want to bring that skillset to bear on projects and communities close to our heart.

Keeping the lights on is an initiative powered by the L&P team.

Our aim is to reach out to not-for-profit and community led organisations, helping them make spaces (from scout huts to community halls, possibly even public loos!) more energy efficient and sustainable.

In a world where rising energy costs are crippling community ventures we want to help keep the lights on for longer. Quite literally.

This initiative is in its infancy and we’re looking forward to sharing the story with you as it grows.